It’s your career.
Who’s Driving?

The quality of the customized coaching relationship is a key element of success. It is built on trust and candor. Your coach creates a supportive and safe environment for you to comfortably and confidently take the risks necessary to test, practice, and adopt new and more effective habits, behaviors, and skills.

Your coach becomes your ally, advisor, motivator, confronter, nudge and champion! She helps you venture “outside your comfort zone” and keeps you focused and on your toes. She helps you navigate a challenging, yet exciting, change process that results in greater self- awareness, stronger relationships and improved performance.

Tailored to each professional’s needs, schedule, and short/long-term goals, coaching engagements range from 3 to 12 months, with sessions scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and lasting from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Business Development Coaching

It’s your career. Take Control. Start Driving.

When you reflect on your time-consuming non-billable efforts, do your originations measure up?

Customized Business Development Coaching ensures that your non-billable time and effort directly support your client development goals, maximizing your ability to not only win, but also keep and grow profitable client relationships. Your coaching engagement is dedicated to helping you:

  • Be more strategic (and less random) about your approach to BD;
  • Create your personal system of focus, discipline and accountability;
  • Gain more control – and independence – over clients and work;
  • Cultivate and sustain stronger and more loyal client relationships;
  • Contribute to the future of the firm and support of colleagues/staff;
  • Build your ideal practice and improve your career satisfaction.


Executive Coaching

You’re more than a cog in the wheel. Seize Control. Stand Out.

When you observe “peak performance” in your organization, are you looking in the mirror?

Executive coaching is an impactful leadership development tool proven to maximize individual and organizational effectiveness and achieve targeted and measurable results. This unique leadership intervention requires:

  1. Three key stakeholders – the executive, the coach, and the sponsoring organization; each contributing to a positive experience and outcome.
  2. Tailoring the engagement to meet the mutual needs of the executive and sponsoring organization with agreed-upon goals, process, deliverables and timetable.
  3. The confidentiality needed to encourage the executive to develop new ways of thinking, feeling, communicating, influencing, motivating and leading others as well as adopting habits that will sustain her/his improvement for the long term.



Linda LaBrie is a seasoned coach, management consultant, business development/marketing executive, and brand strategist. She has worked extensively with junior and senior partners, senior executives, and high potential employees in the professional services and corporate arenas. She brings uncommon passion, energy and commitment to achieve the objectives of all stakeholders.

Sponsoring firms typically pay the coaching engagement fee and related expenses. Private pay arrangements are also offered.

“Linda coached me through the decision to leave my position as a partner at a large law firm in order to take an in-house legal position. She helped me to think about this critical decision in the context of my long-term professional and personal goals, and she gave me the courage to take a big risk. I am not sure I would have reached the right decision without Linda’s help.”

– Executive Coaching Client