Win. Grow. Protect.

I offer three highly focused services proven to help my clients fine tune her/his career trajectory, win/grow/protect key stakeholder relationships, and become market leaders. Proprietary insights gained from my 3000+ interviews with buyers, referral sources, business leaders, and competitors has become a unique advantage and benefit to my valued clients. I bring the eyes, ears and voices of the marketplace to each of my customized coaching, stakeholder intelligence, and brand building engagements.

When you observe “peak performance” in your organization, are you looking in the mirror?

Customized Coaching

Are you a high-achieving professional finally ready to invest your personal equity into fine tuning – or redefining – your career trajectory? Are your originations just not measuring up to your non-billable effort? Have you been passed over – again – for that coveted assignment/role/position?

A confidential, highly productive, and memorable coaching engagement may be solution.

Customized coaching blends the confidential and long-term support desired by high achieving professionals with the practical, action-oriented approach demanded by their sponsoring firms. Tailored to the unique needs, talents, style and goals of each professional, my coaching engagement maximizes both individual and organizational effectiveness and growth!

Are your clients cheating on you?

Stakeholder Intelligence

Are you a practice leader concerned about your team’s shrinking client base and revenue stream? Are your clients moving more work in-house? Are competitors “stealing” your firm’s client work? Is client dissatisfaction or failed expectations at the core of the change of one or several long-standing client relationships?

Why guess? A custom-designed feedback program assures a professional process, executed by a skilled and independent third party eliciting “on-point” insights, recommending follow-up action steps, coaching key providers, managing future communications and promising bottom-line results.

If you are losing clients and new business opportunities to your competitors, conducting stakeholder research is no longer an option. What you don’t know can hurt you, your business and your brand. Stakeholder Intelligence offers a direct window into the selection decisions of your current clients, referral sources and prospects. And be assured, if you are not actively listening to your clients and other stakeholders, your competitors are! Protecting and growing your valuable client relationships must be job #1.

How wide is your “brand gap”?

Brand Building

Are you the owner of a  growing small to mid-size company, branded with a tired logo and dated, non-responsive website? Recently, a solid customer “reluctantly” moved business to a competitor, and you came in second position (aka didn’t win the work) in the last two proposals. You visit your website and your own picture is 10 years old. You’re feeling nervous and embarrassed, but not sure why? It may be time to learn if former customers, current customers, suppliers, business connections and friends share a view/opinion/perception of your company’s image and reputation that confirms the need for a brand refresh – and it better happen fast! Market leaders have long understood that a successful market position and memorable brand hinges on three critical elements:

  1. Confirming the needs, values and expectations of your stakeholders;
  2. Recognizing your unique capacity to exceed these marketplace demands;
  3. Building a brand platform that clearly defines your competitive advantage and sets you apart from key competitors.

If any of these fundamental components are missing, the result is a “brand gap.” Market leaders don’t have one.           


“Linda helped us sharpen our business planning and guided us to more effective ways to reach our clients and better appreciate their needs and our opportunities. She took a collaborative approach, combining our strengths and knowledge base with her practical insight and experience to develop better strategies and action steps that we were able immediately to implement. Linda is a pleasure to work with.”

– Managing Partner, East Coast regional law firm